Reprogramming the subconscious mind

Reprogramming the subconscious mind

Have you ever felt burdened by a lot of limiting thoughts that do not allow you to achieve your goals? Are you tired of bad habits? Or being afraid of life’s challenges? Well, there are certain techniques that include subliminal, with which it is possible to reprogram the subconscious.

Surely you have heard that people are a reflection of their thoughts. And the truth is that our mind can play a role as edifying as destructive; according to how it is used. Many people are often victims of their own beliefs… but what can be done to change them?

Visiting the darkroom

We are continuously in contact with our conscious mind, organizing ideas, planning tasks, conversing with ourselves.  It is the rational part; that throughout our days is receiving all kinds of information, of which we can only process a small part.

Some studies have determined that our brain is capable of processing four hundred billion bits per second; an enormous amount if we take into account the tiny 20 thousand bits per second of which we can be conscious.  Now, what happens to the rest of the remaining 380 billion? Well, they are stored in the subconscious.

The subconscious mind has often been illustrated as a kind of warehouse; a dark room where there is a large amount of information that is not easily accessible. It is like a restricted area where many of the traumas of childhood have accumulated.

Similarly, the subconscious houses all our habits and is responsible for carrying out all the automatic functions of the body such as digestion or the simple act of breathing.

Why is it necessary to reprogram the subconscious mind?

When people do not feel motivated by their lives and are convinced of the need for change, it is time to work on our subconscious. As this is the part in charge of managing our habits and our most instinctive actions, it undoubtedly plays an important role in the process.

Like everything else, among our habits we can find both positive and negative things, and that is where another important aspect comes into play. To reprogram the subconscious, it is necessary to try to investigate in-depth those aspects that we want to work on.

Considering the subconscious is usually programmed through thought patterns, we must learn to identify the type of dominant ideas or thoughts that throughout the day are reproduced in our conscious mind.

We are creators of our world

If we generally give way to defeatist or limiting thoughts about ourselves, our world may be plagued by circumstances that reinforce this fact. If we believe that we are not capable of responding to a certain challenge, such as a job interview, our subconscious will make us seem as unreliable as possible.

Fortunately, there is the possibility to reprogram the subconscious with valuable information that brings positive things to your life and contributes to achieving those goals you want, such as losing weight, quitting smoking or nail-biting, or even changing your character.

Although indeed, this task is not a one-day affair, it should also be made clear that it is not something impossible or that responds to some kind of fable.  To generate changes, it is necessary to have not only the intention but also enough desire to achieve it. At this point, it would be good to remember how the persistence of a drop can pierce a rock.

Methods of reprogramming the subconscious mind

Through the use of thoughts and positive suggestions, negative behavior patterns or false beliefs can be modified. If instead of bombarding ourselves with phrases such as “I cannot” “I am not capable” “I am no good” we program ourselves to think that we have all the possibilities to succeed; sooner or later this will be a fact.

Positive suggestions as a technique rely on repetitive positive thought patterns to reprogram the way we see ourselves or certain situations.

For this method to be successful, it is necessary to repeat these positive suggestions throughout the day so that they are integrated into the subconscious and are assumed as something natural.  In this way, the substitution of negative patterns is achieved.

Subliminals within this process

A safe and fast way to reprogram our subconscious is through the use of subliminal techniques, such as subliminal audios with messages that are listened to while sleeping, which can achieve a greater fixation of the message in the brain, resulting in a deep reprogramming.

The purpose of the use of these subliminal techniques is to enhance skills; improve the individual in various areas of his life and achieve a greater thrust in their conscious work. 

The effectiveness of subliminals has been more than proven over the years. As an example of this, we can mention its great effectiveness in areas such as advertising; in which through its use have managed to generate a direct influence on the purchasing decisions of people on a particular product. This whole process takes place from the unconscious.

Another effective method of great help for the reprogramming of the subconscious is the meditations or visualizations to create new habits. A mental image has great power at the time of influencing our unconscious mind, taking into account that these can be assumed in the act by the subconscious as a reality.

By practicing visualizations to create new habits, a person can build up enough self-confidence and self-esteem if he or she can visualize as someone capable and focus on its strengths rather than weaknesses.

Why repetition is so important

Repetition plays a fundamental role in the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. Imagine this process like writing on stone. Placing the chisel on the stone will not be enough to make a sentence stick. The same applies to the subconscious. 

Be consistent, use a few hours of the day to relax the mind and in a conscious alpha state, fix those new positive thoughts. The secret lies in sticking with affirmations and visualizations to create new habits.