Welcome to Renaissance women  for the women who need empowerment, changes in their life, feel inspired to using their talents effectively and women that can take charge of their world. For any way of developing and exploring your gift, talents, skills, this is what the HOST Sheila J who is a model, photographer, blogger, extreme couponer, wardrobe stylist, singer, actress. This is podcast is especially for women who want to change their standard, amazing at what they do, even those that want to share their own life experiences with other women, either through finances, social, marital, economical, educationally. This show is meant for woman on the edge of change who is ready to reinvent herself, and transform their own personal life. Join Sheila each week for powerful conversations, uplifting interviews, and a mega dose of inspiration.

Sheila J is there 24/7 on the show to attend to your needs on any matters or area of your life that needs progress, may be you have not even discovered your area of talents, still bothered about what to do, we are there to encourage and embrace your useful ideas. 


1.FOLDER: This is part of the essential things that should be brought by a guest to an interview. This talks about a significant amount of paperwork that neatly information needs to be stored or documented.

2.SEVERAL COPY OF RESUME: it is very important to collect the data of the people coming for a show interview, even collecting multiple copies.

If anyone or someone wants to be interviewed on the show please fill out this form here and sheila will be in contact with you in regards to setting up a interview for this show.