A Review of Loom.com

As the world continues to evolve, new creative ideas are formed globally. In the 20th-century, communication between different individuals of different countries was a hectic task, with information taking days, sometimes even weeks, to be passed from one country to another country.

But technology has solved the problem of sending messages, videos, and making calls across different countries and continents and one of those solutions is Loom. Now, business owners don’t have to stress themselves by fixing venues for meetings for their employees worldwide because these meetings can be done via Loom. This app is very effective to execute your business, and it makes it easy for users to educate and pass information to each other through video recordings, business meetings, conference meetings, and messages without any stress, from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

A Review of Loom.com

What is Loom?

Loom is an online screen recording platform founded in 2016. It gives you powerful recording tools to capture, record, explain, and share what’s on your screen that you are trying to show others through video. Further, Loom combines the effectiveness of video with the convenience of messaging, thereby giving you an easy option to record your camera and screen for a more engaging and expressive experience.

A fantastic thing about loom.com is that its services are free, and it is available for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows Pc. This unique messaging app allows teachers/ lecturers at schools, educational institutions, and universities to conduct lectures and communicate with students easily through videos effectively.

Loom Services

  • Video recording

It enables users to engage in face-to-face communication online.

  • Video messaging

It offers users a service to share video images through their screen cam. It is way faster than typing emails or having meetings live

  • Screen recording 

It offers efficient screen recording videos, which are very effective in tutorials.

  • Advanced recording

More advanced recording methods to pass information and communicate successfully.

  • Unlimited educational videos 

Loom offers efficient and expressive online educational tutors for students who want to acquire knowledge. It is a lifesaver for any teacher specializing in virtual or flipped classrooms.

  • Business meetings

Loom also hosts business meetings, and it could be interviews or even project proposals without any issues.

Why you should use Loom

  • Recordings are quick and easy
  • Their app is constantly improved and updated to add new features & fix bugs.
  • Sharing the clips is very easy with slack integrations
  • Free trials
  • Clear videos with perfect audio
  • They are very popular globally
  • It is free for the basic version and very affordable for premium
  • Great set of features for editing videos
  • It’s easy to insert files into a website, copy & paste the link into an email, or download and upload to a website. It is also mobile and PC-friendly, no matter what browser.

Why I recommend Loom

Loom.com is safe and recognized to a great extent globally, and Loom allows users to express thoughts at work in less time, sharing quick feedback or deep communication. Viewers can interact, comment, and respond to videos to create instant human connections without issues.

Loom boasts over 15 million people across 200,000 organizations as users who communicate faster with loom async video. From Atlassian to HubSpot, Netflix, even Upwork, and other freelancing platforms. Loom aims to be the effective screen recording and collaboration tool of choice for top companies and small businesses, and even education sectors globally.

You might be wondering: is loom safe? In my experience using it and considering overall ratings from connected users around the globe, it is very safe to use, and it also respects privacy.

Getting Started on Loom

Downloading Loom is relatively straightforward irrespective of your device, whether Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows. Here’s how to get started.

  • Visit loom.com, to sign up, and install it on your device
  • Once installed, run the .exe file and follow the instruction
  • Succeeding the steps above, to get easy access to Loom on your PC, search your application folder, start the Loom menu, and drag the Loom icon to your desktop folder.
  • Finally, you are now ready to use your recording app after completing the steps above.


A Review of Loom.com