How to create a shopify store using printed mint

Have you ever thought about creating an online business store where you can showcase your products to potential customers anywhere and anytime? Well, Shopify’s got you covered! In this post, I’ll be explaining how to set up your Shopify store using Printed Mint.

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How to create a shopify store using printed mint


This is vital in starting your business in Shopify because, without any plan for your business, it is likely that it may crumble. Creating a business plan entails creating a detailed outline about the products you offer and why you want to sell them, stating your objectives and goals, and executing them effectively and efficiently.


Shopify is one of the highest recognized e-commerce platforms globally, where millions of sellers and buyers co-exist. You can sell anything buyable on Shopify; it could be clothes, shoes, bags, wristwatches, phones, electronics, books, etc. However, it is essential to understand how to start your Shopify store without any mistakes, and the steps are provided below:

  • Choose a name for your store

This shouldn’t be a huge concern, but it is crucial to choose a store name that suits your brand and your products.

  • Register your free Shopify account

This is relatively simple and easy to implement, and it is also free to create a Shopify store with just a few clicks and without any added charges. Simply go to and click on “Start your free trial.” Enter your store name and click “Create your store”. Then you can go further by choosing a theme from Shopify Themes for your store to add some beauty.

  • Pick a logo for your store

You can simply hire a designer to create a logo for your store or create one by yourself. There are a lot of websites that will help you create a logo for your business.

  • Create standard pages

Many individuals who own Shopify stores usually ignore this, not knowing how important it is in building trust between the seller and the customer. It contains the About us, Privacy & Returns Policy, Shipping & delivery info, Terms & Conditions, and contact us. All these need to be done because failure to do them will make potential customers think you are a scam.

  • Add your preferred payment gateway

This will enable you to receive payments from customers efficiently. Examples are; PayPal, PayStack, Amazon pay, GT pay, Interswitch web pay, etc. After this is completed successfully, you simply set up your billing information then your store is ready.


If you don’t know what dropshipping means, it is simply a method of retail selling where the seller buys the products from a third-party supplier, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer and the products are shipped directly to the buyers without the seller handling them directly. Printed Minted is a widely recognized wholesale product and dropshipping company that provides successful order fulfilment services for Shopify stores. If you want to use the dropshipping model for your business, you should use Printed Mint.

Why you should use Printed Mint

  • Fast and reliable
  • The majority of users don’t report any issues
  • On-time delivery
  • Best rates
  • Effective and efficient delivery without compromising product quality

Though their fulfilment services may be a bit slower during festivities, this is understandable given the season, and with proper planning, you can avoid being affected by it.


  • Register your printed mint account on their website

You should simply sign in to their website provide all the necessary information required and agree with their terms and policies. Once you’ve completed the process, your account is ready.

  • Set your default billing address

After registering successfully, go to My account > default billing address,then carefully provide the address connected with your Shopify store. This helps in making successful and effective orders.

  • Select integrations

When you successfully sign in, find and select integrations, then a window will open showing ‘connect a shop’ you simply click on it then choose Shopify and add your store.

  • Adjust settings

After successfully selecting integrations, navigate to settings if you are working on multiple print-on demands. When setting up the settings in the ‘SKU’ filtering, select ‘SKU’ that starts with PM.

  • Log into your already created Shopify store

Following the successful application of the steps above, simply log into your already created Shopify account, navigate to the Shopify app store, and select print mint SIA. Once you have given Printed Mint access to your Shopify shop, you’re ready to start syncing orders.


It’s time to put your store out there and sell! Remember that results may not come overnight, but that’s okay; the main thing is to keep working. Happy selling!



How to create a shopify store using printed mint